Slots coin value and bet level

The Coin Value is based on actual coins and can differ in various slot spins. The Coin Value is how much you want to spend on each pay line in the game.


The coin determines your stake on the spin, so if you are playing a 25 pay line slot machine, a coin value of $0.01 will give you the total stake on your spin of $0.25 because it sets $0.01 per line. If you increase your Coin Value to 2, this will give you $0.02 on each pay line: $0.02 x 25 pay lines = $0.50. So you can change your stake, but you are limited to just the amounts that the Coin Values determine.

You can personalize your stake by changing the Bet Level. The different Bet Level will multiply the Coin Value: a Bet Level of 2 times your Coin Value by 2. This will eventually change your Total Stake.


If you select a Coin Value of $0.02 and a Bet Level of 2, you will get a Coin Value of $0.04. So, with 25 pay lines, instead of:

  • $0.02 (Coin Value) x 25 (Pay Lines) = $0.50 Total Stake

You get:

  • $0.02 Coin Value x Bet Level 2 = $0.04
  • $0.04 x 25 Pay Lines = $1.00 Total Stake


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